Varieties of representative souvenirs from Amanohashidate and Tango, Kyoto, are sold in our shop.
We sell products unique to Kyoto by the sea region such as vinegar made of carefully selected ingredients, canned sardines, local dish called “Heshiko”, salted mackerel in rice-bran paste, Miyazu fish sausages, etc.
There are also many sweets and crafts, so please feel free to drop in.


Seasonal products as gifts

For the summer-gift season, we prepare assortments of our handmade dried fishes.
For the year-end-gift season, we also prepare delicious snow crabs and crab sukiyaki kit (crab hotpot kit) along with the dried fish assortments.

Home made Kyoto style dried fishes
Snow crab
Sukiyaki-style Crab Hot Pot

Sake and alcoholic drinks

You can find many kinds of locally brewed sake and craft beer at our shop.
We also prepare a sake tasting bundle to try the locally brewed sake.
*In some seasons or some weathers, the tasting bundle won’t be sold.
*We do not serve alcoholic beverages to those under 20 years old.



We also handle antiques.



We provide the baggage check service and free lending service of umbrellas and sunshades.
*Our shop will be closed irregularity so please make sure to check our business days before hand.

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